The Convenience of Community Mailboxes Create Privacy Concerns

Having all of the mailboxes located in one central location may make it more convenient for the postal worker, but it creates additional considerations for the owner of the locked box. If you have a community mailbox in an apartment, condominium complex, or a gated neighborhood, you know how important it is to keep your deliveries and your mail secure. If your individual box was not secured with a lock and key, it would be accessible to everyone who passes by the community boxes.


Protect Your Privacy With A Mailbox Lock

Keep your personal package deliveries and everyday mail secure by replacing your mailbox lock.

Unless you are the very first resident to be assigned your individual community mailbox, someone else may have access to a copy of your key. The best thing to do is to replace the lock before you even receive your first mail delivery in your newly assigned box.

If you have lost your mailbox key, the safest and most reliable thing to do is to have the locks replaced which will require the use of a brand new key, rendering the lost key unusable.


Maintenance And Proper Upkeep Are Important

Keep a close watch on the wear and tear of the lock, and especially examine it closely upon moving into a residence that requires community mailboxes. Routine maintenance is also a good idea. Make sure your mail remains safe until you are ready to retrieve it by making sure your locks are secure and in proper working order at all times. Eventually, even with the best-maintained locks, it will become weathered and worn out and need to be replaced.

We Are Authorized To Help

Since tampering with the United States Mail is a federal offense, we take this kind of service seriously. So, before you call one of our professionals for a replacement installation, be prepared to be asked for proof of ownership and residency that this mailbox unit belongs to you and that you have authorized our experts to replace the lock.

We will come to you and replace your mailbox lock with same-day service. Call Mesa Locksmith 24 and one of our trusted technicians today to evaluate your mailbox lock to make sure it’s secure and reliable.