High Security Locks

Crime data constantly changes, and can sometimes head in the right direction. While not at the very worst in terms of danger, Mesa, Arizona crime statistics may leave you wanting to make sure you don’t become part of the victim side of the stats in this city recently ranked as being safer than approximately only 21 percent in safety out of 100. You never can be too safe when it comes to protecting your loved ones, your employees, your property, and your valuables. Especially if you have sensitive information or high-value assets to keep safe, you will need more than a typical pin and tumbler lock in place. Typically, the most popular and commonly used door locks are manual and key operated.

Electronic Key Control

Some companies and maybe even residential homeowners who want tightened security have installed electronic access control systems. Just because there is a keyless entry or sophisticated model of electronic key control, the manual system is probably still in play. While there are added benefits and convenience to using an electronic keypad, many of these systems actually still use the manual lock as the hardware associated with the technology or have a manual override in place.

High-Security versus Traditional Lock and Key

Typical locks are also easy to pick, drill or bump open. The key that fits into a typical pin tumbler lock is easy to duplicate. Sometimes, in an effort to appear as if the locking system is a high security, the company may stamp a “Do Not Duplicate” on the key. While this looks impressive, it really means very little when it comes down to whether or not a would-be crook will have the key duplicated or not, and many key duplication shops will duplicate the key without question. Because of its ease to be duplicated, you never are certain how many copies of your key are floating around or who has access to one.

High-security locks, on the other hand, have taken extra measures to make them pick and bump proof. There are several styles of high-security locks to choose from including restricted keys, pick-proof, bump-resistant, and drill-resistant locks. Restricted keys are also sometimes referred to as patented keys usually only available directly from the lock and key factory or from a qualified locksmith. Most high security locks are restricted or patented in one way or another. The number of key blanks is limited, and even if someone were to get a hold of one, it requires special equipment to duplicate it.

High-security locks are also considered to be pick-proof, bump resistant, and drill resistant because of special mechanisms used that make them extremely challenging to pick, cannot be bumped open using a bump key, and are designed to resist drilling attempts due to their metal cases, pins, and disks.

Some of the most trusted brands of high security locks include Corbin-Russwin with its clock cylinder Pyramid, Schlage Primus, Medeco with a wide choice of cam locks, padlocks, and cylinders, and Mul-T-Lock.

High-Security Locks Services

Of course, it’s a great idea to install high-security locks on every door especially if the rooms have valuables inside. However, if you can only afford to put them on one door, choose the outside door. Call an expert locksmith technician today in the Mesa, Arizona area who will be able to arrive at your location to recommend and install the best high security locks for your needs.