Best Commercial Locks | Top Brands of Commercial Locks

When you consider choosing the best lock for your commercial property, security is the top priority. You want to make sure that the locks on your business are secure enough to keep your employees, property, and office computers or machines safe. Select the best commercial locks for interior and exterior doors.

To help identify the quality and durability of locks and deadbolts, the American National Standards Institute ANSI has established three grades for door locks. Each product needs to pass tests for how well the lock works and how secure the lock is. These tests include tests on door strikes, lock cycles, and weight tests. ANSI Grade 1 is the best, with Grade 2 being Better and Grade 3 considered to be Good.

The highest grade security lock meets commercial building requirements with Grade 2 locks meeting light commercial building needs and Grade 3 being more appropriate for residential needs.
The most important quality to look for when installing new locks is security. Of course, how the lock works and functions, as well as the cost, is important as well. When it comes to locks, some of the brands have made a name for themselves in terms of quality and performance. Here are some great tips on what to look for when choosing the best locks brands.

Locks are graded on a system known as ANSI The American National Standards Institute. ANSI established three grades for door locks to help identify the quality and durability of locksets and deadbolts. Each lock must pass operational and security tests which are comprised of cycles, door strikes, and weight tests. Grade 1 is the best and highest grade security available, Grade 2 is better, with Grade 3 being Good.

Deadbolts provide the highest level of security for residential doors. They are named, ‚Äúdead’ because they do not contain springs. They contain either a single-cylinder operated with a key from the outside and a turn button on the inside or a double-cylinder that has a key on both sides and is highly secure but also poses potential safety issues when a quick emergency exit is necessary.

Some of the best commercial lock brands available are:


RR Brink

While most commercial grade properties don’t require high security level locks found in federal institutions, The RR B Brink brand is the most trusted brand of lock available offering an extra-large mortise cylinder that would fit almost two regular-sized keys into the keyhole.



The inventor of pin and tumbler locks, Yale locks are at the heart and soul of most locks makes today. The locks are extremely well designed and constructed and are typically very secure.



Ideal for high traffic facilities, such as schools, Corbin/Russwin locks is known for their durability and strength. These locks are also easy to service and replace, so commercial property owners do not go through a headache when it is time for maintenance, changing or re-keying.


Mul T Lock

The Mul-T-Lock brand provides a high-security lock that is almost impossible to pick or break with a bicep flex design.



Trusted by universities, schools, and libraries, the Arrow brand stresses security while keeping the price within reach.



For high traffic and high-security facility needs, Sargent locks are well trusted and widely known to be very secure. Sargent offers key-less entry, fobs, keypad locking systems, and keyed entries style of locking systems.



High-level security buildings, such as the White House and the Pentagon, use Falcon locks. That may be enough of a reason to trust their level of security. The Falcon brand offers functional locks that work great on automatic doors and touch bar exit styles of locks.

The security of your business and employees rests on the quality of the locks you choose. Call a professional commercial locksmith today to get a consultation to discuss your locks. Find out which brand of lock is best for your commercial property needs!